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About Us
Melonbooks specializes in dojinshi products, including manga, anime blu-ray, video games and more.
We are the largest general bookstore in the industry, with outlets thorughout Japan.
At present, we run two stores; Melonbooks for men and Fromagee, targeted to women.
On Melonbooks Online Shop, you can purchase all products from both lines.
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Open Melonbooks Online Shop account registration page.
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Fromagee will send you the latest news regarding products targeted to girls.
The creators of the products you purchase will automatically be added to your Favorites.
When a creator is added to your Favorites, you will receive an email everytime new contents from that creator are available.
If you want creators to automatically be added to your Favorites, select "自動登録する (Yes)". Otherwise, select "自動登録しない (No)".
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Shopping Guide
Open the page of the product you wish to purchase.
Dojin Books Dojin Software Dojin Goods Comics Audio, Visuals
Select "カートに入れる (Add to Cart)" to add the product to your cart.
If you wish to purchase multiple items, you can do so by opening all products page and adding all items to your cart.
Click on "カートを見る (See Cart)" in the top-right corner of the page to check your order.
Click "金額確認へ進む (Check Total)".
Click "レジに進む (Proceed to Checkout)".
Click "Enter your delivery address.
If you want the items delivered to the address you entered during your user registration, leave this field.
Select a shipping method.
This shipping method is the one Melonbooks will use to ship the item to warehouse.
Shipping methods differ according to each item.
Proceed to "お支払方法選択 (Choose Payment Method)".
Only credit card payments are available for shipments.
On this page, you can confirm your order.
If everything's okay, click "注文確定 (Confirm Order)".
Your order is complete. is a service provided by tenso, inc..
and requires a separate account registration (different from your Melonbooks/Fromagee account).
Find the details on website.

Q.Do you ship overseas?
A.Melonbooks doesn't ship overseas directly.
However, you can use external services such as to have products delivered to your country.
Q.How much is shipping?
A.For parcel delivery:Orders over \9,500 (+tax): FREE shipping
Orders over \5,000 (+tax): \546 (+tax); orders below \5,000 (+tax): \639 (+tax);
For mailbox delivery: \350 (+tax)
In addition to the shipping fees above, fee and custom handling charges may be required.
Q.Which credit cards do you accept?
A.We accept VISA/Master/JCB/AmericanExpress.
Q.When will I be charged?
A.If the product is available right away, you will be charged in the moment of purchase.
For pre-order items, you will be charged when the item reaches Melonbooks's warehouse.


For other inquiries, please refer to the general Q&A.

For inquiries to Melonbooks/Fromagee,

please use the link.

Please note that we can only provide support in Japanese. Thank you for your understanding.
Select the content of your inquiry.
Enter your name, email address and a Japanese contact.
Enter the subject of your inquiry (e.g. "About order #0000000")
Select the type of inquiry.
Enter the corresponding page URL.
Fill in the details of your inquiry.(Japanese Only)
Proceed to the following page (confirmation screen).
If the information you entered is correct, click "送信する (Send)". This concludes the inquiry process.

Self-published works, usually magazines, manga or novels, that do not pass through publishers.
Monopoly Goods
Refers to products that are exclusively available on Melonbooks.
Limited Bonus Included
The item comes with special attachments/perks that are only available on Melonbooks.
Multi-purchase Bonus Included
By purchasing multiple selected items, the user can get special attachments/perks.
Pre-order Item
Refers to products that are not available for sale yet.
These include popular items that tend to sell out quickly after release. By pre-ordering an item,
users can reserve it and have it delivered on the day of the release.
New Publication
Refers to products released at the latest events.

What are pre-orders?
Melonbooks accepts pre-orders for all items.
By pre-ordering an item, users can reserve it and have it delivered on the day of the release.
Take advantage of pre-orders and never miss an item again!


To pre-order an item, click on the blue "予約する (Pre-order)" button.
You can check the release date here.
Release dates and sales periods are indicative and may be changed due to circumstances of the circle/publishers.
Click the "予約する (Pre-order)" button to add the pre-order item to your cart.
If you like, you can continue shopping.
In order to proceed to payment, click on "カートを見る (See Cart)" on the top-right corner of the page.
Check if the pre-order items you want are in your cart, and if everything's okay click "金額確認へ進む (Check Total)".
The order confirmation screen will be displayed.
Pre-order items will be delivered to our warehouse and shipped to you on the date described here.
To place your order, click "注文確認 (Confirm Order)".
Your pre-order is complete. Please wait until the item is released!