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About Us
Melonbooks specializes in dojinshi products, including manga, anime blu-ray, video games and more.
We are the largest general bookstore in the industry, with outlets thorughout Japan.
At present, we run two stores; Melonbooks for men and Fromagee, targeted to women.
On Melonbooks Online Shop, you can purchase all products from both lines.
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Open Melonbooks Online Shop account registration page.
To the account registration page
Sign in
Enter your personal information in the registration form.
Enter your email address.
Enter your email address again to verify it.
Set a password. Choose an alphanumeric password between 6 and 32 characters.
Enter your birthday.
Enter your gender.
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These are our newsletter settings.
If you wish to receive Melonbooks' newsletter, check "希望する (Yes)".
If you check this option, we will send our newsletter to the email address you used to sign up.
Please note that our newsletter features the latest news regarding our products and could include R18 contents.
If you wish to receive Fromagee's newsletter, check "希望する (Yes)".
Fromagee will send you the latest news regarding products targeted to girls.
The creators of the products you purchase will automatically be added to your Favorites.
When a creator is added to your Favorites, you will receive an email everytime new contents from that creator are available.
If you want creators to automatically be added to your Favorites, select "自動登録する (Yes)". Otherwise, select "自動登録しない (No)".
Now register a delivery address.
Enter your name (you can use alphanumerical characters).
If you used katakana, add the furigana.
Enter your shipping address.
Please register the address and user ID you received from
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You can check the information you entered once again.
If the information you entered is correct, complete your registration.
Registration complete.

Shopping Guide
Open the page of the product you wish to purchase.
Dojin Books Dojin Software Dojin Goods Comics Audio, Visuals
Select "カートに入れる (Add to Cart)" to add the product to your cart.
If you wish to purchase multiple items, you can do so by opening all products page and adding all items to your cart.
Click on "カートを見る (See Cart)" in the top-right corner of the page to check your order.
Click "金額確認へ進む (Check Total)".
Click "レジに進む (Proceed to Checkout)".
Click "Enter your delivery address.
If you want the items delivered to the address you entered during your user registration, leave this field.
Select a shipping method.
This shipping method is the one Melonbooks will use to ship the item to warehouse.
Shipping methods differ according to each item.
Proceed to "お支払方法選択 (Choose Payment Method)".
Only credit card payments are available for shipments.
On this page, you can confirm your order.
If everything's okay, click "注文確定 (Confirm Order)".
Your order is complete. is a service provided by tenso, inc..
and requires a separate account registration (different from your Melonbooks/Fromagee account).
Find the details on website.

Q.Do you ship overseas?
A.Melonbooks doesn't ship overseas directly.
However, you can use external services such as to have products delivered to your country.
Q.Which credit cards do you accept?
A.We accept VISA/Master/JCB/AmericanExpress.
Q.When will I be charged?
A.If the product is available right away, you will be charged in the moment of purchase.
For pre-order items, you will be charged when the item reaches Melonbooks's warehouse.
About Account login
Q. What can I do when my account was locked due to several times of failed logins?
A.Your account will be automatically locked when your password authentication was failed for many times. Once the account was locked, customers will be unavailable to reach our online shopping service, so please check your password carefully when signing in.
You will be available to try login again after 24 hours of account lockout.
If customers are in case of hurry, please provide information below and contact us from the Inquiry form.

・Account name
・Registered address
・Phone number
・Your birthday
・Registered E-mail address
About Purchasing product / Payment
Q.The flow of placing order
A.order confirmation
order confirmation

A confirmation letter titled 「ご注文の確認(メロンブックス/フロマージュブックス)」
will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

If your selected payment method is "convenience store payment":
The payment receipt number will be automatically sent by e-mail.

*If you are purchasing pre-order products,
we will mail you the payment receipt number after
the corresponding product was ready for shippment.

*The payment receipt number will expire in 5 days after
the e-mail was sent.

When your purchased goods are ready to ship,
we will notice customer by e-mail titled
On the other hand, the status on "mypage" will be updated
to "preparing product delivery".

After we have completed the shipment,
a e-mail of completion notice tiled
will be sent.

Your purchased products will be delivered from specified shipping company.
Q.How to change my order information?
After the order was completed, products, quantity, delivery method, payment method, recipient name and phone number cannot be modified.
Also, you can't add extra goods in the same order.
However, you can still change your delivery time and address from "order history" in mypage, when the order status was "preparing shippment".

*Once delivery address was set in okinawa, you cannot change the address to other region, since shipment to okinawa costs higher airfare.
Q.How to change my delivery address?
A.You can change your delivery address from "order history" in mypage, before the order status was change to "keep in stock".
If the order status have been updated to "keep in stock", "preparing shipment"or "finished shipment", delivery address cannot be changed.

*Once delivery address was set in okinawa, you cannot change the address to other region, since shipment to okinawa costs higher airfare.

*Since delivery method cannot be changed, customers are not able to switch between home delivery and in-store pickup services.
Q.How to cancel my order?
A.We are sorry but due to our terms of service section 18(about order and contract), we will not be able to accept customers to cancel their order because of the customers' personal preferences.
As a general rule, we didn't accept cancellation of the purchase, whether wholly or partially, so please confirm your order carefully.
Q.Can I return goods?
A.①Any refund or exchange because of the customers' personal preferences would not be accepted.
*Just in case, if return due to personal preference soccurred, we may kindly ask you to refrain from our online shopping service
A.②If there was our mismanagement or defective/damaged products occurred, we will provide a refund or replacement options.
In this case, please contact us in 5 days after product arrival.
After you submit a return request, we'll process the replacement if we are able to provide a non-defective item.
If the product is not in stock, we'll process the refund after we receive your item.
*We will take on those transportation charges for returning goods.
A.③For the defective item of brand new products, customers may need to directly contact circle.
A.④For the situation below, we might not accept the refund/replacement request:
・the product was already opened
・damage caused by customers
・the damage wasn't obvious that doesn't disturb its normal use or lower its value
・the product was bought in other website
・was damaged in transportation process while your shipping method is "メール便"
Q.How long does it take to receive the goods?
A.Usually your purchased item will arrive in 1~3days, while you are living in Japan.
*If your purchased item is pre-order product, it will be the day after the release date.
*If the item was needed to place order from other stores, it takes around 3 to 30 days.

However, for some reasons the delivery may delays.
Especially, after large doujin events such as "Comic Market" , it often takes longer than usual for the delivery.
Even if the arrival delays, neither we or the shipping company will not make any compensation.
We appreciate your understanding.
Q. Can you please ship the items which you are ready? I can't wait for all item to be in stock.
A.Please sign in your customer page, and then click the "normal item ordering history" botton in your order history page. There was a selection for "spliting your order(ship the available product first)", and you can get the products in stock earlier.
*If your payment method was "Cash on delivery", it costs you cash-on-delivery charge for each of splited order.
*Also, your delivery fee may be added while you split the order.
*When all the item's stock status was already "keep in stock", you cannot split the order.
Q.How can I confirm my delivery status? (For customers choose home delivery)
A.You can get your tracking number from ""My page"" or in the 「発送完了のお知らせ」e-mail. Then you can check your delivery status from the corresponding shipping companies' website.
・Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.
・Japan Post Service

(Sometimes it takes 3~4days to update the status.)
*Your Melonbooks online shopping points earned from the order will be reflected after the order status updated to "shipment completed".
(The order status will be updated around 3~5days after the goods' arrival.)
Q.Can I group up multiple orders and pick it up alltogether?
A. If your order was in case of the situation below, you won't be able to group up the orders.
・the order of "goods in stock" cannot be consolidated with other orders.*1
・the order of "goods needed to place order from other stores" cannot be consolidated with other orders.
・You cannot group up the order appart from status in order history page was "pre-order"
・You cannot group up the order if you didn't recieve the order confirmation e-mail.*2
・You cannot group up the order if the pre-order group in different periods.
・You cannot group up the order if the order of "in store pick-up"
・You cannot group up the order if the product's release day or price change occurs, and
・After grouping up the orders, you need to set the payment method again.
*Additional handling fee may be charged sepaerately, if customers change the payment method.

・You can group the orders up to 4 days before the release date stated on the product page.
(If the nearest release date in your order was 24 Dec, you can group it up before 23:59 20th Dec.)

・It may takes up to 12 hours to complete the group-up process.
However, if the all of the ordered items was in stock and started preparations for shipment before the group-up complete, we'll cancel the group-up request.

・If there was the change of the price or the release date in your grouped items, you need to cancel the group-up process once and apply again after confirming of the delivery date/repayment.

・You need to cancel the group-up process once, if you want to add another products in a grouped up order.

・If you group-up a product delivering by【メール便】,the delivery method will be changed to parcel delivery service.
Q.Why does the order splits automatically, while I add multiple goods at the same time?
・When the "reservation group"(release period) of the "pre-order product" is different.
・If you put a pre-order item, an in-stock item or an "item needed to place order from other stores" in your shopping cart at the same time.
・When products cannot be shipped together due to size, thickness, etc.
・If one the goods is a special item needed to ship separately.

In the case of orders that split automatically , the order will be displayed separately.
Please check the confirmation screen carefully before placing your order.

If the order is split, each shipment will incur its own shipping costs.
Free shipping is only applicable if each split order fulfils the conditions for free shipping.
Q.What do I need to do ehen the release date of a product changed?
A.If a product release date change occurs, we will notify you via the "Notification of product information change" email.
Normally, the products will be shipped after all the ordered products have been received, but customers who have ordered the products together with other products can make shipments of whatever becomes available.

Customers who wish to request sequential shipping need to access the URL provided in the 'Notification of Product Information Change' email and follow the procedure.

*If you wish to have your order shipped sequentially, your order will be split according to the following conditions.
Please note that shipping and handling charges will be incurred for the number of orders that are split.

1.Products whose release date has been changed.
2. Goods already in stock
3.Products not yet in stock.

*Customers who wish to receive combined shipping do not need to follow the procedure.
*Customers ordering only the relevant products do not need to follow the procedure.
Q.What happens when a product price change occurs?
A.If a product price change occurs, you will be notified via the 'Notification of product price change' email. Please check the text of the email and confirm your payment method again. You can also change your payment method.
*How to change the payment method
My page > Order history > Change payment method

*Please note that your order will be cancelled if you do not make the change by the deadline stated in the "Notification of Product Price Change" email.
Q.Can you ship overseas?
A.Sorry, we only ship within Japan.
If you wish to ship internationally, please use a service such as
For more information, please click here:
Q.What is 'in-stock status'?
A.There are three types of status, including 'waiting for goods in stock', 'goods secured' and 'cancelled'.
'Waiting for goods in stock' means the product has not yet arrived at our company.
A "Product secured" is a product that has already arrived in our warehouse.
"Cancelled" is a product that has been cancelled.
About credit card payment
Q.About credit card payment
A.After placing an order, you can pay in advance by credit card.
Credit cards we accept are:


Any type of card can be used as long as it is of one of the above brands.
If an error occurs when placing an order, it is possible that your card cannot be used.
Please contact your credit card company to find out if your card can be used.
Q.About credit card payment errors
A.If you want to pay by credit card and the product is a pre-order, the credit card payment will be settled when the product was in stock, but if there is a problem with the card, the payment will be unsuccessful.
In this case, you will receive an email with a 'credit card payment error' and you will be asked to change your credit card details.

*How to change payment method
My page > Order history > Change payment method
Please follow the above procedure to make the change.

Please specify a card that can be used or change to another payment method.

*Please note that your order will be cancelled if you do not make the change by the deadline indicated in the "Credit card payment" email.
*Please contact your credit card company as we are unable to determine the cause of payment failure.
Q.About entering credit card details
A.For credit card payments If you have previously used a credit card to settle online shopping payment, please check the box in the red frame.The card number you used last time will be automatically entered.

If you wish to enter new credit card details, please do not tick the box and enter your card details.
About E-books and Download contents
Q.How to order?
Q.I mistakenly bought an e-book instead of a paper book!
A.We apologize for any inconvenience caused.However, We do not accept cancellations or returns.Please make sure that you have made the correct product at the time of purchase.
Q.How can I find e-book titles?
A.You can search for e-books from the 'e-books' section of the global menu at the top of the site,

or find item tagged "electronic" in the search results.

Q.What can points earned from e-book purchases be used for?
A.Points earned from e-book purchases can be used on the Mellon Books online shopping (including e-books).
Q.After registering as a member, my account name was shown "Unsettled".
A.If you are only using our E-book service, you need to provide your Email address, password, date of birth, gender and phone number.
The above five items must be entered.

If you do not register your name, your account name will be displayed as 'Mr Unsettled'.
About coupon
Q.What is a coupon? is a code that allows a discount of the face value to be applied by entering it in the 'Coupon input box' on the payment method confirmation screen during the purchase procedure.
The coupon issued will be a total of 16 digits (4 x 4 digits) and will be notified as a number.

▼Example of coupon code

When entering the code, please enter 16 digits including "- (hyphen)".
If the code contains alphabetic characters or is not a 16-digit code, an error will occur even if it is entered in the 'Coupon input field'.
Please input the coupon code carefully.

This coupon cannot be used for 'Quick Order (Store Order)'.
The code cannot be re-entered once it has been used, nor can it be cancelled after the order has been confirmed.
Coupons cannot be used after an order has been confirmed.
Coupons cannot be redeemed when placing an order, re-selecting a payment method or sequential dispatch procedures.
When using a coupon at the time of a 'normal order' or 'sequential dispatch procedure', it is not possible to select the order for which the coupon is to be used.
*Discounts that result in a product cost of less than one yen cannot be used. In addition, shipping and handling charges will apply separately.
Coupons that have expired cannot be used.
If the product to which the coupon has been applied is cancelled, the coupon will also expire.
Each coupon issued has a different discount amount (discount rate), maximum amount (minimum amount), scope of application and expiry date.
The detailed terms and conditions are stated in the coupon issue notification email, so please be sure to check them.
*Coupons are only valid for the eligible account to which they were issued.
*Please note that orders using the coupon are not eligible for 'Collective booking'.
Please note that orders using coupons are not eligible for "Collective Reservations". Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or returns for your convenience.
About bookmark your favourites
Q.What are Favourite Circles and Favourite Authors?
A.You can register your Favourite Circles and Favourite Authors from each product page after logging in to MyPage.
Once you have registered your Favourite Circles and Favourite Authors, a 'Notification Email' will be automatically sent to your registered email address at the following times:

When a product arrives in stock.
When products are restocked.
When a product is available for pre-order.
About online shopping points
Q. About online shopping points
A.Up to 10% (rounded down to the nearest whole number, excluding shipping and handling charges) of the value of each item (excluding tax), is granted as points.
The points awarded can be used for discounts on purchases as 1point = 1 Japanese yen, or in exchange for point-only goods.
You can check your current points on 'My Page'.

Points are valid for one year from the date of the last purchase.
Each time you complete a new order, the expiry date of the entire point balance is extended for one year from that date.
If you have not purchased any products on the website for one year, all points accumulated in your account will expire.

The percentage of points awarded will vary depending on the product.
For details on the points awarded, please refer to the 'Points Redemption' section of each product page.
Q.How can I use the online shopping points for discounts?
A.If you select 'Use points' on the checkout page You can use points to discount a portion of the total value of the product, excluding shipping and handling charges.However, please note that the maximum amount of points that can be used is 20% of the total value of the product.
Points can be used on the payment method selection screen after proceeding to the checkout screen from 'Proceed to checkout'.

The total amount of the product cannot be set to less than 1 Japanese yen in the "Use points" section.
When using points, the difference between the points used and the total amount of the product (excluding shipping and handling charges) (excluding tax) will be the subject of the point award.
Q.When will the points be awarded?
A.Points are awarded within 3-5 days after the order is received by the customer.
Please note that the timing may change depending on the status of your parcel and other factors.
About SMS authentication
Q.About SMS authentication
A.SMS authentication is a phone-number authentication using short messages.
As part of security enhancements, from 9 September 2021 SMS authentication has been introduced as part of security enhancements.

*Registration using a landline phone number is not available.
Please register mobile phone numbers starting with 090, 080 or 070.
Mobile phone numbers outside Japan cannot be registered.

One phone number for authentication is required per person.
The same phone number cannot be used by more than one person.
Q.When will I need to do SMS verification?
A.At Melonbooks/Fromagebooks onlin-shopping page, to ensure the safety of your order, you may be required to complete a two-step verification process by 'SMS verification'.
Q.I made a mistake in entering the SMS verification code and the system locked meup.
A.If you fail to authenticate five times in a row, you will not be able to log in for 24 hours. Please retry the verification procedure again 24 hours later.
Q.I get the message 'This mobile phone number has already been authorised for another account'
A.This mobile phone number has already been verified for another account. Please check that you have entered the correct number.
If you do not remember that you have been registered a account, please contact our customer support from the contact form, with the relevant phone number.
Q.SMS authentication for overseas customers using a forwarding agent.
A.SMS authentication is not possible with the forwarding company's telephone number, nor an overseas phone number.
Please contact our customer support via the contact form:


For other inquiries, please refer to the general Q&A.

For inquiries to Melonbooks/Fromagee,

please use the link.

Please note that we can only provide support in Japanese. Thank you for your understanding.
Select the content of your inquiry.
Enter your name, email address and a Japanese contact.
Enter the subject of your inquiry (e.g. "About order #0000000")
Select the type of inquiry.
Enter the corresponding page URL.
Fill in the details of your inquiry.(Japanese Only)
Proceed to the following page (confirmation screen).
If the information you entered is correct, click "送信する (Send)". This concludes the inquiry process.

Self-published works, usually magazines, manga or novels, that do not pass through publishers.
Monopoly Goods
Refers to products that are exclusively available on Melonbooks.
Limited Bonus Included
The item comes with special attachments/perks that are only available on Melonbooks.
Multi-purchase Bonus Included
By purchasing multiple selected items, the user can get special attachments/perks.
Pre-order Item
Refers to products that are not available for sale yet.
These include popular items that tend to sell out quickly after release. By pre-ordering an item,
users can reserve it and have it delivered on the day of the release.
New Publication
Refers to products released at the latest events.

What are pre-orders?
Melonbooks accepts pre-orders for all items.
By pre-ordering an item, users can reserve it and have it delivered on the day of the release.
Take advantage of pre-orders and never miss an item again!


To pre-order an item, click on the blue "予約する (Pre-order)" button.
You can check the release date here.
Release dates and sales periods are indicative and may be changed due to circumstances of the circle/publishers.
Click the "予約する (Pre-order)" button to add the pre-order item to your cart.
If you like, you can continue shopping.
In order to proceed to payment, click on "カートを見る (See Cart)" on the top-right corner of the page.
Check if the pre-order items you want are in your cart, and if everything's okay click "金額確認へ進む (Check Total)".
The order confirmation screen will be displayed.
Pre-order items will be delivered to our warehouse and shipped to you on the date described here.
To place your order, click "注文確認 (Confirm Order)".
Your pre-order is complete. Please wait until the item is released!